Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Blog Readers

Writers write to be read.  That's a universal sentiment among writers and I share it. The next thing writers want is to know who is reading their work and why. I'd be thrilled to know who reads my tiny blog, why they read it, and what they think of the various posts.

Please comment with your thoughts. I'll be waiting breathlessly!


  1. Congratulations the publication on Agenda 21! My husband, Michael, and I are eager to read it. Ironic as it seems, fiction can be one of the most effective tools to awaken people to reality.
    Michael and I can understand a little of the thrill you must be feeling at this time. You see, we were two CPAs with no prior screenwriting experience when we were allowed to write four episodes of our favorite TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger. All the glory goes to God with gratitude to Chuck Norris and Executive Producer Gordon Dawson.
    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for sharing on your blog!
    Janet Wilson

  2. Harriet,
    I am so happy for you, on the success of your book! I am sure the journey has only just begun, may it continue to be wonderful. It seems like not long ago I remember you saying you wanted to hold a traditionally published book, and here you are. As a beginning writer I cannot even begin to imagine the excitement you must be feeling, but I wish for you to know you give hope to fellow writers.
    Thank you and may many more triumphs smile upon you,

  3. Hi Harriet,
    I'm not a great reader, I mean I love books but I'm not a very disciplined reader and follower of books...anyway, this is amazing: I was just looking for some books on Amazon when I saw Agenda 21 as a best-seller, I was curious (don't know exactly why) and googled the book, I found this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/20/glenn-beck-agenda-21_n_2166465.html and then I was curious about you! I searched your name and came upon this blog. I read a couple of your writings and I think YOU WRITE BEAUTIFULLY! honestly, just wanted you to know..you write so much from-the-heart. Congrats! Wish I could write that way. I'll be around. :)

  4. Harriet, I just finished Angeda 21. and I am so in.love! I must know are you going to write a second book! I need more!!!

  5. Hello Harriet,

    I stood in line for three hours yesterday. You''ll never guess what I did. I read your book on my phone. I finished last night and very much enjoyed the story. I was unfortunately unable to get back into your line for a signature due to time constraints. I brought along two copies of my novel "Sons of Cain" one for you and one for Glenn. I actually jumped into Pat's signing line on the way out (only a few ahead of me) and left your copy of my novel with him.

    I see that you and Pope John Paul hav the same favorite movie. That tells me much about you Harriet. I believe that you would enjoy my novel. It is about government usurpation of the only organization large enough to peacefully defend our freedom...the Catholic Church. If you get the chance, please glance at some of the Amazon reviews. I apologize in advance for the self serving nature of this post, but as a fellow Pittsburgher, passionate about the declination of this blessed nation I simply could not pass up the opportunity to contact you. I would be honored to present you with a copy of my novel and once again, I thank you for he pleasure of enjoying Agenda 21. I will post my review on Amazon this morning. Thank you and God Bless you. Val Bianco ( valjbianco@yahoo.com )

  6. I found your blog after having read your book "Agenda 21" and written a review of it on Goodreads. I am excited that you have a blog and looking forward to reading more of your writings!