Friday, December 28, 2012


The coincidence thing happened again. And in the most unexpected, circuitous manner. Friends of mine at my previous place of employment were e-mailing me, requesting I sign their copies of Agenda 21. The Human Resources department there. . .such nice people!. . .made arrangements for me to come in for a signing so it would be convenient for me and the employees.

Armed with a Sharpie, I was ready to hop in the car and head out. But I checked my e-mail one last time before I left. Okay, I admit it. I'm slightly OCD. There was a new message from my daughter-in-law about service dogs. She has wanted a therapy dog for my 12 year old granddaughter who has mobility limitations and had just heard, that morning, about service dogs specifically for diabetics. Our 7 year old granddaughter, same family, was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. That's a tough diagnosis. Actually, it is a life changer, especially for a 7 year old.
That's pretty heavy duty. . .2 service dogs for the same family.

But, on to the book signing and yet another coincidence. One of the employees, a gentle soul, was grateful that I took the time to come in. So she presented me with a gift. . .a signed copy of Until Tuesday, by Luis Carlos Montalvan. It's the story of "A Wounded  Warrior and the Golden Retriever who saved him." A service dog!
A coincidence? I think not. That employee was unaware that I have special needs grandchildren. She simply wanted to give me a signed copy of a book as a thank you. It just happened to be about a service dog. And service dogs were on my mind that day.
A sign, if you will, that something poweful is responsible for these events. And I am grateful.


  1. Not someTHING powerful, but SOMEONE powerful - the LORD God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth!

  2. Amen to Carole! "God-incidences."