Thursday, January 10, 2013


It's happening. It's not fiction. In the novel, Agenda 21, the churches were destroyed. Worshipping God was forbidden. The novel was fiction. But in our present day reality, the assault on religion is apparent.

Consider this case in Connellsville, PA: "Group that wants Ten Commandments icon removed says because of its location, impressionable youths forced to consider it as edicts." (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Thursday, 1/10/2013, by Liz Zemba.) The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Wisconsin, has filed suit on behalf of an anonymous atheist parent of a non-religious student in the Connellsville Junior High School because children "cannot help but see it as they attend classes."

What is it the "impressionable youths" cannot help but see? A stone monument of the Ten Commandments donated 55 years ago by the Connellsville Eagles. Lord, help us! A local church offered to move the monument from school property and place it on church property but the anonymous parent (why, oh, why are these people always anonymous?) objected because the children could still see it.

From the novel: "Save what you think you are going to lose."  From fiction to reality.

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