Friday, January 25, 2013


It happened again. . .God whispered in my ear. I had a fun interview on the local Indiana, PA, radio station, and stopped over at Indiana Regional Medical Center to say hello to friends. Friends fortify me with smiles, geniune glad-to-see-you smiles. I can't thank them enough; they know who they are.

Then on to the car dealership for routine car maintenance. While I waited, I scrolled through the news items of the day on my mobile. (Yes, my family convinced me to update into the 21st century and now I am tethered real time to the whole world.) As I scrolled through the items, I felt the good mood of the morning slipping away. The news lately, in my opinion, has been overwhelmingly alarming.

So. . .sitting there in the dealership, their TV volume turned way too high, broadcasting some inane daytime show, I felt deflated by the news, deflated like party balloon because there was no longer any reason to party and be happy.

Service on the car was completed and the technician gave me the status report and the bill. He introduced himself as John Quincy Adams! Really? Really? Staff in the area confirmed that was really his name.

"Named for a founding father?" I asked.

"No," he replied. "Named for the son of a founding father. My family has that tradition."

Really! Then I knew the sons (and daughters) of the founding fathers are in our world. . .with or without specific historical names. And I drove away feeling hopeful.

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